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How to stop Andropause with Cholesterol

Could it be that mainstream medicine is finally catching up with alternative medicine and good old-fashioned conventional wisdom? Could cholesterol be essential and actually good for you? It all started with Nikolai Anitschkow who in a study from 1913 showed, that feeding cholesterol to ...Read More

The Low Fat Hypothesis Busted

The Low Fat Hypothesis Busted Mammals Eat Different Foods, But The Same Diet! I used to buy into the low fat hypothesis, because it was so wide spread. When reading conflicting information it is difficult to decide whether it is true, because most of ...Read More

Why I eat saturated fat?

Do you feel uneasy when your meal contains “saturated fat”? Do you immediately see yourself putting on weight, having a heart attack, and rapidly clogging arteries? There is a good chance you do. North American saturated fat phobia is widespread. It is perpetuated by the media, ...Read More