The Cholesterol Trap


The Cholesterol Trap!

Re-Examining your Doctor’s Prescription

There are so many books on how to lower cholesterol. This one is none of that. Cholesterol trap won’t tell you what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. It will neither tell you how many eggs you are allowed before increasing your heart disease risk. None of this nonsense.

Cholesterol Trap! is a must read for everyone who has been put on, or considers taking cholesterol-lowering medication. Lowering cholesterol is a serious business, not because it brings billions to pharmaceutical companies, but because it can do an incredible damage to unsuspecting patients. I urge every single person to read this book before following doctor’s advice, whether to take pills or start a low-fat diet. The last thing anyone wants is to harm one’s health while boasting “perfect” cholesterol numbers.

Don’t just follow, because everyone does. Read. Learn. Think. Survive.

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