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Health is a Skill, not a Pill

Ever wondered why some people have all the energy in the world and are blessed with perfect health? Why some despite breaking all the health rules and seldom seeing a doctor, enjoy an unusually long and happy life?

It’s luck or good genes, you may say. Yet despite the popularity, this notion does not reflect the truth. Health is largely made, not inherited. Today’s health plaques such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatty liver, T2 diabetes, digestive issues, and even Alzheimer’s all have roots in lifestyle choices.

But I follow doctor’s advice!

The concept of health got awfully derailed by our current medical system. Have you noticed a trend? Health seekers that follow every inch of their doctor’s advice and diligently fill out prescriptions, tend to continue suffering from poor health and even add more pills to their menu as time goes on.

But wait a second! Shouldn’t the pills reverse diseases, and bring a person back to health? Despite the advanced state of our medical system (evidence-based as they say) health statistics are dismal. One third dies of infections, one third of heart disease, and one third of cancer. So, what are the pills for?

Is your health blossoming?

Losing health is the biggest scare for everyone. Not being able to work can be disastrous. If pills don’t guarantee health what does?

Imagine a flower. When well taken care of, it will blossom and awe others. When forgotten, it will be nothing more but a dried up stick in a pot. It will make no difference if a plant doctor attends to the pot once in a while, because the flower requires daily care not just a once a month attention.

Health is not any different. For health to blossom it needs full attention and continuous TLC, not just an occasional visit to a doctor and a pill for some symptoms. But aren’t we all taking care of ourselves already? Aren`t we all brushing teeth and washing hands? That’s great for the teeth and hands but what about the rest of the body? What have you done recently for your liver, the heart, and the brain?

Mastering Health Skills

Did you know that health is a reflection of one’s Health Skills? Health Skills is the knowledge about good body housekeeping and the right TLC it requires. Learning Health Skills is crucial, because lack of it gets mercilessly magnified by the advancing age. It is the exactly the cumulative lack of knowledge about ourselves and lack of meaningful TLC that gets us in trouble with doctors.

How can you upgrade your Health Sills? Simple, start with Five UthingTM Ingredients. You won’t go wrong.

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