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69 Pleasures; Your Gourmet Guide to Mouth-Watering Experiences

Health is not supposed to be a curse and a chore. It is supposed to be a blessing disguised as pleasure. Forget rigid diets, complicated labels, exotic ingredients, and ten-dollar smoothies.

Healthy is simple. Simple is …read more




ousting sniffles strong immune system

Ousting Sniffles; How to build iron-strong immune system

Nothing is random in health, especially the immune system. Sniffles aren’t random either. They don’t show out of the blue just to cause misery. They are preceded by weakened defenses. The trick is not to dry the nose every time the sniffles show up, but to …read more



The Cholesterol Trap

The Cholesterol Trap. Re-Examining your Doctor’s Prescription

There are so many books on how to lower cholesterol. This one is none of that. Cholesterol trap won’t tell you what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. It will neither tell you how many eggs you are allowed before increasing your heart …read more




Ultimate guide to low & fluctuating blood pressure

The Ultimate Guide to Low & Fluctuating Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure? High blood pressure? Swings, spikes, and erratic beats? Sometimes the heart does just that!

Fluctuating blood pressure can produce many unsuspected effects ranging from lack of energy, to burnout, muscular stiffness, erectile dysfunction, depression, anxiety, migraines, atherosclerosis, and even dementia. Unfortunately, heart medication… read more



Revived low blood pressure

Revived! Proven Natural Solutions for Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure is not just a nuisance. It is a big problem. It can contribute to lack of stamina, anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, and a “lazy” brain. But there is more. Lack of sufficient oxygenation to the organs can accelerate a road to dementia, kidney failure,.. read more