How to recognize a weak immune system

Getting sick does not automatically mean one has signs of weak immune system.  In fact being sick, having sniffles and fever may indicate the opposite. The body is capable of fighting!

It may not be to your liking but fever is your best friend in fighting bacteria and viruses. Body aches and swollen glands are normal body reactions and not any signs of weak defenses.

That’s true when a person gets sick once in a while, but what if someone keeps on getting sick? Would that be a sign of low immune system?

Do you feel drained when sick?

The immune system requires an enormous amount of energy when active. It is no wonder that sick people feel drained. Most don’t hop around for joy with a flu or a head cold. But there are exceptions.

People with good energy reserves (in good health) may function well during an infection. They may feel a tad under the weather, but they can still perform their daily duties. On the other hand people with low energy reserves (in poor health) may feel so drained that they don’t even have the energy to go to a doctor.

How the body behaves during an infection can be a good indicator of its overall vitality and energy reserves. Good health is the reason why some people go through a bout of flu with no consequences and some end up being totally wiped-out for weeks.

Weak immune system produces weak fighting response

Is tiredness during an infection always a sign of weak immune system? Not necessarily.

Energy also depend on the severity of the infection and efficiency with which the system is fighting it. For example, some people produce fevers and some do not.

Fever requires an enormous amount of energy, but, despite its energy costs, it is one of the better ways to fight germs.  Fevers between 37C (98.6F) and 38C (100.4F) can kill many viruses. But higher temperatures are even more effective. The higher the spike the stronger the body defenses and more germs get ousted.

Weak body produces weak fighting response and as a consequence sickness is likely to continue. Weak immune system is unable to adequately spike the temperature, and lower fevers stand in the way of recovery.

Many people mistakenly lower temperature while sick, because they equate fever with infection and believe that lack of fever equals lack of infection. This is false.

Fever is not an infection. Fever is the fighting response to the infection. If you kill the fever, you kill the body defenses, NOT the germs. I hope that now it gets clear that taking pills to reduce a fever has nothing to do with improving health. In fact, lack of fever disarms body defenses and may lead to more severe illness.

Chronic fatigue may be one of the indicators of poor health and lowered defenses. With millions of people feeling stressed, overworked, and worn out, it is safe to say that we don’t belong to a nation that boasts strong immune system.  But what causes low immune system in the first place?

Why do you have signs of weak immune system?

It is normal to put a health faith in a medical doctor. He will look at the blood work and check for immunity markers. One of those are white blood cells. White blood cells are part of a routine test and when elevated they indicated infection. Doctor`s job is to compare patient`s white blood cell number to the normal lab range. If the numbers fall into the normal range one will be considered healthy, or more precisely “un-infected”.

But don’t mix up being “un-infected” with being in good health. Fitting in normal lab range is not an indicator for robust and tough body defenses. Consider that even people with severe autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis or MS may have normal white blood cell count. Lab ranges are poor indicators of good health. They are good indicators of disease severity.

Low immune system – self check

ousting sniffles strong immune systemCounting on a lab or a doctor to tell you that you have good health and immunity is rather futile. Despite that drawback, you can rely on hidden body clues to make such estimation yourself.

Look beyond white blood cells into other body systems. They are all interconnected and they all support body defenses. Body defenses are especially dependent on digestive system, cardiovascular health and hormones. If any of these fail, the body immunity gets compromised.

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