Little known low immune symptoms

Did you know that blood work isn’t helpful in detecting early signs of weak immune system? If not the blood work, then how can one tell if there is anything wrong with the body defences and whether the body would have trouble fighting germs.

Fortunately spotting the signs of trouble is not difficult. Below is a list of of low immune system symptoms and signs that can alert you to a problem. These will show up much earlier than a drop in white blood cells your doctor would be able to spot on the lab tests.

7 overlooked low immune system symptoms:

1.   Infections that do not go away

The body is designed to fight viruses and bacteria. Infections that do not produce an effective response is on the top of the list of low immune system symptoms. Recurring colds, persistent sniffles, lingering sinusitis and that annoying fungus on a toe are all little signs that immune system is weakened.

ousting sniffles strong immune system2.  Feeling chilled frequently

Body coldness may have many causes, but chilled body is more likely to become a host of a flu or cold virus. Human influenza virus will replicate most vigorously at 33 degrees C (91.4F) . Common cold virus also replicates faster in a colder body. Get an accurate thermometer and check your resting body temperature.

Although the are many reasons for feeling cold, diet can play a major part. If you hate cold get yourself familiar with food energetics. Some foods can chill your body to the bone. Some can warm you up. Here is a chart with warm foods. Print and stick it to your fridge. This way you will have a handy reference chart in your kitchen.  For a complete program refer to a great read “Ousting Sniffles“.  It can help you master your body.


3.  Feeling tired

The body requires a tremendous amount of energy when fighting germs. That`s why persistent fatigue should be raising a red flag. Even when not obvious low-grade infection can be masquerading as fatigue and vice versa. Weak body has poor defences and thus can`t fight off germs.

4.  Being overweight

Carrying extra pounds does make a difference to the immune system. Overweight individuals are more likely to eat poor diet, use sugar, move less and consequently suffer from inflammation. Fortunately, weight loss, dietary improvements and exercise all boost body defences. Make better habits!

5.  Being bloated

How can bloating be among one of the low immune system symptoms? Close to 80% of body defences is in the gut. Bloating is a sign of digestive system malfunction which is likely accompanied by destruction of immuno-protective digestive flora. Consider bloating as one of the very earliest warning sign of a weakened immune system. Lose that bloat quickly!

How not to get a stroke - cholesterol6.  Low blood cholesterol

Low blood cholesterol is not a symptom, but a very important predictor of body defensive powers. People with low cholesterol have higher susceptibility to infections than those with high cholesterol. Low cholesterol is also associated with higher cancer mortality.

Many people lower cholesterol in false belief that better health will follow. This is very wrong. Low cholesterol can be worse than high cholesterol. Read Cholesterol Trap! You will have a better idea how to manage cholesterol without ending up in poor health.

7.  Night sweats

Persistent unresolved infections can cause chronic night sweats. Although infections are not the only reason behind wetting the pillow get suspicious if it is accompanied with other low immune system symptoms mentioned above.

Body defenses is one of those most difficult areas to test. There are currently no adequate blood test to measure immune system strength. Your doctor can count white blood cells and their subsets, but cannot assess how active or effective there are, so even if your blood tests are normal you may still have a weak immune system.

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