Have one hour?

Ready to shed the stubborn pounds? Ready to eat healthy? Ready to not feel starved? Ready to not count calories, get baffled by complicated labels, and feel weak from thinking of small portions?

Most of the dietary advice dispensed today by health professionals is garbage. Yes, garbage. Chances are you also have become a victim of such advice. Let’s see. Are you well? Are you slim? Are you energetic? Are you happy? How long have you been trying? Still not there?

Are you a prediabetic?

Are you a prediabetic? Are you a diabetic? Do you have high cholesterol? Do you have trouble losing weight? Are you constantly sick? Are you tired all the time?

Poor nutrition leads to poor health. Good nutrition leads to good health. If you are following a healthy diet, shouldn’t you be in peak shape? So why aren’t you? Simple. It’s not your genes, it’s that garbage health advice you’ve been following all those years.

Let’s try something different

Let’s put aside government-approved protocols, predefined menus, quotas, calories, and expert opinions. Let’s finally break free of the circulating BS. Have one hour?