ousting sniffles strong immune system

Ousting Sniffles

How to build iron-strong immune system

Nothing is random in health, especially the immune system. Sniffles aren’t random either. They don’t show out of the blue just to cause misery. They are preceded by weakened defenses. The trick is not to dry the nose every time the sniffles show up, but to build up a strong immune system that can resist any germ passing by. Here is some good news. Your whiffer does not need any snake oils, yearly memberships, or secret ingredients, but solid defenses, strong membranes, and germ-proofed interior. Perfect health does not need a pile of pills or a life-long friendship with a pharmacist, but a few intelligent lifestyle changes. So read, discover, and transition to an iron-strong immune system.

Now, off to the first chapter, I mean to your best health yet…. because a red nose glows well on Rudolf, not you.


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