What can lower blood pressure within minutes?

what can lower blood pressureAre you wondering what can lower blood pressure within minutes without having to double up on your heart medication?

Is there a method that can help with blood pressure spikes that is safe and always available without risking any negative side effects?

What causes blood pressure spikes?

Take a minute to consider the reason WHY you have spiked blood pressure in the first place. Contrary to a popular belief, hypertension is not any “bad health luck”, inevitable “genetic fate”. It is a result of long-standing lifestyle errors.

Hypertension is reversible. But to stop battling blood pressure spikes for the rest of your life, you need to identify and correct these errors. Those innocent spikes can turn vicious and eventually take over your life where instead of a family doctor gently suggesting one prevention pill, you can end up having an entire cardiac department taking care of the numbers.

What can lower blood pressure permanently?

Ultimate guide to low & fluctuating blood pressure causes, symptoms, treatmentsBlood pressure spikes have many different causes, from nutrition to stress. Good news is that nearly all of them are under your own control. To start on your health journey grab a copy of  The Ultimate Guide and follow the instructions.

This simple technique can lower blood pressure in minutes

Believe or not, the technique described below can do wonders for lowering blood pressure spikes.

Why? Because it works on relaxing blood vessels. Blood vessels are under the control of the nervous systems, and this is under the control of the breathing rate.

Did you know that slow steady deep breathing calms the nervous system? This is exactly the mechanism what can lower blood pressure. Calm nervous system equals calm heart. And calm heart means no more blood pressure spikes.

Caveat: even thought multiple studies confirmed such effect, don’t try to use the technique instead of your prescription meds. The methods described below, although powerful, cannot substitute  your pills overnight. It takes more than this to permanently lower blood pressure.

How to lower blood pressure immediately

Follow these four steps.

  1. Take a breath from your belly (not shoulders!) while counting slowly to four.
  2. Stop for a count of two and then release your breath slowly on a count of four again.
  3. Stop for a second before you take another breath. Make sure the breath is always from the belly, never from the neck or shoulders.
  4. Repeat.

Studies show that this breathing method can lower the numbers by as much as 20 points. But to get that effect you must do the technique perfectly. Check the following points.

  • Scan your body for any tension. Your blood vessel tone parallels your muscle tone. Although you cannot feel your blood vessels you can feel your muscles and sense any tension in them.
  • Check your shoulders. Are they riding high? Can you drop them?
  • Check your back. Is there any tension there?
  • Check your neck, arms, feet and spine, part by part very slowly. 
  • Take time. Fast pace will make you more anxious and contribute to an even bigger blood pressure spike. Only slow pace will make this exercise worthwhile. If you find any tension anywhere, stop and let the tension melt into your breath.
  • Aim for about 6 breaths per minute.

Your job is to bring your breath to its natural and effortless slow pace within just minutes. You should feel comfortable and your breath should not feel artificial. This “effortless” trick is exactly what can lower blood pressure immediately.

If you did the exercise right you should notice a significant drop in your numbers right away. If you do not, try again. Make sure that this time you are really slowing down and relaxing all the muscles. Although this task may feel difficult and cumbersome at first mastering your nervous system is of vital importance to your well-being.

When you are finished click done! The button will take you to 5 different methods of lowering blood pressure.


Mastering breathing is a vital skill. Take time to perfect it. It is your super-powerful weapon against cardiovascular stress. Six breaths a minute is what you want. This is a naturally relaxing cycle that can save you from a litany of medical problems.

Before you go here are a few pieces of information that you likely want to have under your belt for the sake of your health:

If you want to lower blood pressure with supplements here are a few different possibilities. Remember however, that the greatest success with hypertension can only come from a lifestyle change. These 5 health ingredients will give you a good start.

Oh, and don’t forget to train your breath. It CAN lower your blood pressure within minutes.

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